Summer Internship Program

The program

RYM's Summer Internship Program (SIP) is a service-oriented discipleship opportunity designed for college students who desire to love and serve God's Church by assisting in the planning and execution of RYM’s Summer Conferences. Our goal is for this team to be a living picture of the body of Christ in action: all different types of people, personalities, and gifts striving side-by-side for the sake of the gospel.


Summer Interns work together to help our conferences fully display our mission of Serving the Church in its Efforts to Reach and Equip Youth for Christ. The work includes operations, logistics, communication, assisting students and leaders, assisting in large group services, leading recreational activities and games, and everything else it takes to execute our conferences. Ultimately, our summer interns serve the church by running the programs so that youth leaders can focus on their students and so that students can grow in their faith in the context of their church community, all for God’s glory!


Built into the fabric of the SIP is a structured summer discipleship program which provides interns with various opportunities not only to grow in their faith but to help lead others in that growth as well. Through this discipleship program, we hope to raise up interns who will become leaders in the church, carrying that same heart of love and service back to their own communities.  

Application Process

Applications for the 2024 Summer Internship Program closed on October 31, 2023. Come again next October for applications for the 2025 Summer Internship Program.
 If you have questions or would like to inquire about additional information, please contact RYM's Director of Conferences.