RYM is committed to creating Scripture-saturated resources for the sake of building up and serving the Church. From Bible Studies to Podcasts to Worship albums, RYM seeks to produce helpful content that assists youth workers and parents as they reach and equip the next generation of believers.

Bible Studies

RYM has worked with its network of trusted Youth and Ministry Leaders to produce and offer a wonderful, wide-ranging list of studies that you can work through with your youth group. And the best part, these downloadable resources are FREE!

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TRACK Series Booklets

Written for students, the Track series addresses a host of topics in three primary areas: Doctrine, Culture, and the Christian Life. Track's booklets are theologically rich, accessible, and seek to engage and challenge the student without dumbing things down.

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RYM's podcast, The Local Youth Worker, aims to equip those serving in youth ministry so they can faithfully do their jobs well. Whether working full-time or volunteering with middle and high school aged students, this podcast brings together ministry professionals, counselors, authors, and others to encourage you in your calling to raise up the next generation of the church.

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RYM Worship

At RYM, we believe that music is an important part of worship. As image bearers of the one true God, we not only long to sing and make music before the Lord, we are blessed when we do so. This is especially true when we come together with other believers.

RYM Worship is led by staff member Joe Deegan, and incorporates the talents of various musicians from across the country. RYM Worship leads worship at our summer conferences, training events and at churches (when invited to do so).

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Grace 101

Large groups, small groups and individual readers can discover the true essence of grace in our newest Bible Study, Grace 101!

Throughout, readers are invited to dive into multifaceted concept of God's grace, exploring its its profound role in salvation and learn how it's more than just a buzzword.