Our M.V.P.



RYM Serves the Church in its Efforts to Reach and Equip Youth for Christ

For over 50 years we have labored to fulfill our mission, but we are only scratching the surface of what can be done. The Church is God's primary institution to carry out His mission in the world, therefore we find our identity in helping the Church better and more effectively serve youth-aged kids in its midst.

By God's grace and through God's enabling power, we will press on in our mission through 3 primary ministry avenues: Conferences, Training, and Resources.

Core Values:

RYM values Relationships, Youth Ministry's Strategic Importance, Biblical Truth, Hospitality, and Fun.

The RYM Pledge:

RYM seeks to serve the Church with excellence. If your RYM experience at a conference or training event was not what you had hoped for, we will make it right for you, on us.

If you, as a youth leader or volunteer, attend a conference or a training event, and it was not up to your expectations, please email Brent and tell him how we can improve. If the item for improvement is within our realm of direct control (food options at a conference, for instance, are not; but our communication about options for dietary restrictions is!), we will seek to make the change and then invite you back the next year to attend for free. If you do not want to come back, and just want a refund, we will honor that request as well.