Intern Information

Church Intern Program

Initial Inquiry

If you're reading this, you're doing step #1 right now! Please contact RYM's Director of Training with any additional questions.

Intern Application

The application is due by December 15. Applications submitted after the deadline are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Click HERE to apply!

Interview with RYM

Once the application has been received and considered, a video interview with RYM will be arranged.

Acceptance to Program

Upon completion of the interview and reference checks, you will be notified if you have been accepted into the Program. If accepted to the progrsm, RYM will begin the placemenet process with a partnering church.

Church Placement Process

It’s important for the intern and the host church to be a good fit. After RYM recommends placement, candidates will have interviews and an onsite visit with the church to confirm the recommendation. Once all parties are in agreement, placement is secured and next steps are taken.

Budget & Raising Support

An intern’s budget consists of three parts: Salary and Benefits, Associated Expenses, and Optional Programming. The host church contributes $20,000 or 50% of the budget for the program, whichever is more. Interns raise support for the remainder of the budget from their family, friends, co-workers, home church, etc. RYM receives and tracks all donations while providing guidance and support along the way. It typically takes 3 - 6 months for interns to raise their support.

Anticipating Your Start Date

A target start date is set when support raising begins. During that time the host church will assist in finding local living arrangements and other 'helps' along the way. In some cases, churches may host the intern for a visit before the start date to begin building relationships.


Upon reaching the support goal, we celebrate God's gracious provision. Interns are then cleared to move to their new city to begin serving with the host church and participating in the study program.