Church Information

Church Intern Program

How it all happens...

Initial Inquiry to RYM

The good news is that if you're reading this, you're doing step #1 right now! If you have any initial questions, please feel free to contact RYM's Director of Training.

Determine Financial Commitment

The partnering church contributes $20,000 or 50% of the eventual "full budget" (if more than $40,000) of the program, whichever is more. The more the church can contribute, the less the intern has to raise. 

Partnering Church Application

The application for the RYM CIP is due by December 12th for an intern placement the following summer. The application can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Identify & Interview Intern Candidate

Prospective interns may be 'brought to' RYM by the partnering church -OR- can be presented to a partnering church by RYM. RYM will then facilitate an interview between the candidate and the church.

Determine Budget & Start Date

RYM will work in cooperation with the local church and intern to determine a budget and an official move date (which will be conditioned on fundraising progress). Note: all interns participating in the CIP will be legal employees of RYM.


The intern will begin fundraising under the direction and guidance of RYM, and RYM will create an internal account to receive and track the donations given. RYM will provide regular fundraising updates to both interns and churches. Interns should allow for 3-6mos to reach their fundraising goal.

Waiting...and Working Through the Details

Between the start of fundraising and the move to the location of your church, the intern will begin an orientation to the CIP. The church will work to assist the intern in making local living arrangements and other 'helps' along the way. In some cases, churches might host an intern for a visit before their move date in order to begin making some relationships. 

It's GO TIME!!!

When the Intern reaches their fundraising target, they will be cleared by RYM to move to their new city and begin their work with your church. We strongly recommend thinking through a plan of how best to welcome them to your city and your church. It is certainly a milestone worth celebrating!