Monday Happy Hour
Every Monday at 6:30 pm
Bullfeathers, Capitol South
1st St. & D St. SE
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Wed. Strategy Breakfasts
Join us for weekly briefings with GOP strategists and members of Congress.
Wednesdays at 8:00 am
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80% of Republicans believe a woman's right to choose should be preserved. Therefore, abortion should not be a litmus test for membership in the Republican Party and the anti-choice plank of the platform should be removed.
Common-sense environmental policies that conserve natural resources and respect free-market economic principles must be adopted. A healthy planet is good for business, and good for the Republican Party.
Programs like Social Security should not be balanced on the backs of future generations. Only balanced budgets will stop politicians from paying the cost of today's waste onto the next generation.
Investment in the education of our youth is the one true way to ensure America's competitive advantage in the future. Incentives and programs that promote effective educational initiatives should be endorsed.
A tax-free Internet, tax incentives for investment and guarantees of free trade are necessary for the United States to prosper. The best way for all to have a share of the "American Pie" is to make the pie bigger.
A strong foreign policy, based on a clear vision of America's role in the world will allow the United States to remain secure.
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