Monday Happy Hour
Every Monday at 5:30 pm
Bullfeathers, Capitol South
1st St. & D St. SE
Info: (202) 546-1300

Wed. Strategy Breakfasts
Join us for weekly briefings with GOP strategists and members of Congress.
Wednesdays at 8:00 am
Info: (202) 546-1300
At RYM, we’re working to build a national leadership network of students and young professionals who are shaping the future of the Republican Party.

Because of the unique nature of our group’s mission and the broad spectrum of views in the coalition we are working to build, any campus is the ideal place to set up a new RYM chapter.

As an organization, RYM is looking for special, highly motivated individuals to establish and run new chapters. The potential for growth at each school is limited only by the effort put in by its members and with the right person spearheading the effort, each new chapter can grow and thrive in the campus environment.

Think you have what it takes to lead a new RYM chapter? Send us an e-mail at including your name, contact information, school and how you would like to get involved. We will send you a new chapter kit, complete with bumper stickers, literature, and instructions detailing how to set up and run a great organization!

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